At Last, a State Budget

Actually, as we write this, the House of Representatives has yet to pass what the Senate delivered last night.  What’s in it for PEGs? Thanks to ctnewsjunkie, we have the link & number (SB 1502) to that budget bill. The OLR analysis helps us track down some sections, especially Sec. 680, summarized  as: Beginning in FY 18, requires […]

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In another look at the budget bill HB 7501, amended in LCO 10072, we find that those words (“and each fiscal year thereafter”) have been in CT General Statutes over the years for many other areas. Sometimes they appear in the budget bill because of rewriting specific funding statutes (“Section xxx-xxx of the general statutes is repealed and the following […]

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Five Unneeded Words that will Decimate Local TV for Schools and Communities

A letter sent to state legislators from West Hartford on September 20: The GOP Budget that passed on Saturday not only diverts 3.5 million dollars from PEGPETIA, a capital fund reserved for community television and school technology, republicans tacked on the  words “…AND EACH FISCAL YEAR THEREAFTER” and set up a perennial sweep. It is […]

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PEG support in 2017?

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Since last month, no written exceptions were filed for this docket, so the Final Decision was accepted at PURA’s meeting last week, identical to the Draft Decision.  Raises are all based on the 2016 Consumer Price Index of 1.89%—except for Cablevision/Altice in lower Fairfield County (Area 9, Norwalk area). 170109-052417 At this point there […]

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Another stab at the PEGPETIA program

HB 6857 AAC the Public, Educational and Governmental Programming and Education Technology Investment Account (PEGPETIA) was submitted on 1/25/17 by Rep. Tami Zawistowski (Suffield, E.Granby, Windsor) and referred to Energy & Technology.  The bill requires PURA to study PEGPETIA and make recommendations on its funding. Consider the 2012 report on PEGPETIA by the Office of Legislative […]

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2017 at the Connecticut General Assembly

media-bills-as-of-1-23-17 Discover Video is working toward a revival of the PEGPETIA grant fund and program.  Rep. Tami Zawistowski (Suffield, East Granby & Windsor) submitted such a bill during the 2016 short session, when it was only identified as SB 286, a raised bill of the Energy & Technology Committee.  Discover sells equipment and online services to PEG entities […]

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