Your Friends Need a Little Help

Item #1:  a part-time position Win-TV is the town-specific Community Access Provider for Windsor, running 3 channels.  They need a Editor/Videographer /Teacher for 20 hours/week starting this April. Full job description and where to send your resume: WINTVVideographerEditor_ad Item #2: some questions about connecting to Frontier TV Newington Community TV (NCTV) is a town-specific non-CAP running 2 […]

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Upcoming national events

Connecticut Alliance for Community Media (CTacm) is a state affiliate of the national Alliance for Community Media, which “represents over 3,000 Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) access organizations and community media center throughout the country.”  If you or your access center is a dues-paying member of ACM, you get reduced fees on these upcoming events:

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Unexpected Correspondence, continued

Following the announcement from Frontier Communications, that the PEG channels on the U-Verse-style channel 99 menu would be moved to channels with their own numbers, Woodbridge raised its hand with a question: Dear Mr. Cicchetti– Thank you for all the information. Will our viewers be able to record our programs on their DVRs from the […]

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(Re)join the Alliance at a discount

From now until March 31, 2018, PEG organizations can join the Alliance for Community at a 25% discount from current rates.  Lapsed members—those who haven’t been members for at least 3 years—are also eligible for the discount.  The dues are tiered according to an organization’s annual budget, with the smallest defined as those running on […]

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Unexpected Correspondence

Not “fan mail from some flounder”–but not-such-bad-news, sent to a list of people whose channels were on the Channel 99 menu of the service formerly known as U-Verse…. Dear PEG Provider: Based on feedback from providers and evolving technology, Frontier will be making changes to simplify access to Public, Education and Government (PEG) programming in […]

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A Letter from Newington

This past fall, the ACM-NE offered us (and other member states) a scholarship to the regional conference on Cape Cod to one person from our state.  Someone absolutely new to us from Newington Community TV put forward an application, so our board recommended Sandra Austin Goldstein for this award.  She recently send in a letter […]

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At Last, a State Budget

Actually, as we write this, the House of Representatives has yet to pass what the Senate delivered last night.  What’s in it for PEGs? Thanks to ctnewsjunkie, we have the link & number (SB 1502) to that budget bill. The OLR analysis helps us track down some sections, especially Sec. 680, summarized  as: Beginning in FY 18, requires […]

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