Meet & Greet in Simsbury 9/22/16

Simsbury Community Television will host another Meet & Greet this coming September 22. Since many folks are tied up with pre-election events in the evening, we plan to meet starting at 10 a.m., tentatively until noon, with the option of adjourning to lunch at a local eatery. 754 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury is the physical address. […]

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What if we want to provide closed captioning?

Can you fit it in your budget? At the August conference, people from Boston City TV said they spend $140,000 annually for captioning all commission meetings and hearings. During a 9/01 conference call among national members, someone else posted a link to various services for captioning: A rate mentioned through that link, for preparation of […]

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Do You Provide Closed Captioning on Your Programs?

What? FCC Second Report and Order on Closed Captioning, aka Closed Captioning of Video Programming Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc., Petition for Rulemaking Or check out FCC’s press release from 2/18/16, for a brief version: So what? The way we heard it, at a presentation during the August ACM […]

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