2019 Connecticut Bills of Interest

Many are coming from community access providers through their local legislators and may affect all PEGs differently, so they do not have universal support from all PEGs in our state (with the possible exception of the PEGPETIA-related bills).  We list everything for information purposes. Bills concerning PEGPETIA HB 5486 AN ACT REPEALING THE TRANSFER FROM THE […]

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Dear Lawmakers

Please do something about the unethical state budget sweeping of funding designated for Public Access TV Stations in CT to broadcast uncensored Town Council Proceedings, Board of Education Meetings and public opinion programming which promote civic engagement and support freedom of speech! Sincerely,  Gil Martinez, Executive Director HPATV, Inc., Hartford, CT A lot of topics […]

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New Faces of 2019

If you want to watch out for your own interests, you have to know with whom you have to deal.  Here are some new names in government agencies that deal with cable and community access TV, as well as broadband internet and Net Neutrality, starting from the top. Federal Communications Commission Geoffrey Starks was appointed […]

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