2021-22 PEGPETIA

It has been a long time since we’ve been free to analyze stuff posted in the PURA database for active dockets. This is what we looked at in Docket 21-10-13 – Allocation of Public Educational and Governmental Programming and Education Technology Investment Account pursuant to CGS Sec. 16-331cc.

There is $3.5 million available for grants in 2 categories
$1.75 million for PEG Programing
$1.75 million for Educational Technology

Of the 98 applications received by the 1/31/22 deadline
38 (37%) are for PEG Programming in a total amount of $4,187,381.09 requested.
60 (63%) are for Educational Technology in a total amount of $7,227,421.45 requested.

Of the 38 PEG applications
6 are from regional nonprofit Community Access Providers (there are 8 in CT)
12 are from town-specific CAPs
10 are from non-CAP PEGs (usually schools or town running E/G channels under a cable CAP)
10 are from church entities, sometimes calling themselves “PEG studio operator” or “PEG programmer”

Correspondence regarding some of the PEG applications
2 from CAPs objecting to churches and non-CAPs submitting applications because they should be borrowing equipment from CAPs
1 from a Cox representative supporting the applications from non-CAPs within Cox Enfield, Cox Manchester, and Cox Meriden.

Of the 60 Ed applications
3 are private/independent schools
1 is a college
1 is a “nonprofit organization for educational media”
2 are area educational cooperative (LEARN, ACES)
The remaining 53 are public school districts.

Requests for Ed Tech might break down into these categories; any one application might have 1-3 of these:
11 for the DEVOS system (there were 25 in the 2019-20 applications)
10 for internet infrastructure, connection to CEN, or better wifi
22 for SmartBoards, ViewSonic ViewBoards, “interactive touchscreen panels,” computers, iPads, etc.
5 for auditorium/large space AV
18 for video production equipment
5 for remote meetings or remote classes

Correspondence regarding Ed Tech applications:
2 from state legislators supporting the Canton Schools application
1 from a state legislator supporting the Seymour Schools application

Recommendations for grant awards are expected from PURA’s Office of Education, Outreach, and Enforcement (EOE) by April 11. Final decision by PURA is due on April 20.

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