Why did Comcast cave?

[continued from How Community Voice Channel Got High Definition] The Buske Group keeps track of PEG channels that have HD channels from various cable providers.  Their latest list from last November includes PEGs in Comcast territory, many with smaller populations than Comcast Vernon’s area, most with a much higher population density (because: Buildout… right?). Comcast […]

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What happens next for PEGPETIA?

HB 5486 An Act Repealing the Transfer from the Public, Educational and Governmental Programming and Education Technology Investment Account (PEGPETIA) to the General Fund. (March 28, 2019) As of last night, we heard that leaders of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding committee (in particular co-chair Rep. Jason Rojas) plan to vote this bill out of committee.  This would […]

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So what else happened in Hartford?

Energy & Technology hearing 02/19/19 This was the hearing that included several bills of interest on the agenda.  Some of us ducked in and out to attend some of the ACM/ACM-NE Road Show happening simultaneously at Hartford Public Access. Because the hearing could not be covered by Connecticut Networks, a video of the entire 4.5 […]

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