2020 Fish Frenzy: A Quick Preview

By the afternoon of January 30, the PURA website stopped showing new applications for Docket # 19-11-01 “Public Educational and Governmental Programming and Educational Technology Investment Account Program Pursuant to Public Act 07-253. ” The program was supposed to be open to applications until the end of January 31, but the total dollar amount of […]

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At Last, a State Budget

Actually, as we write this, the House of Representatives has yet to pass what the Senate delivered last night.  What’s in it for PEGs? Thanks to ctnewsjunkie, we have the link & number (SB 1502) to that budget bill. The OLR analysis helps us track down some sections, especially Sec. 680, summarized  as: Beginning in FY 18, requires […]

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In another look at the budget bill HB 7501, amended in LCO 10072, (aka SB 1502 of the special June 2017 session) we find that those words (“and each fiscal year thereafter”) have been in CT General Statutes over the years for many other areas. Sometimes they appear in the budget bill because of rewriting specific funding statutes (“Section xxx-xxx […]

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