FCC September 2018 meeting

Community media operations in Connecticut do not receive what such operations receive in other states. CT community media also is not as threatened by possible regulatory changes as it is in other states. The state has been the Local Franchising Authority since before the 2007 act that introduced “competitive video service.”  Since the state is […]

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A Congresswoman gets it

Received recently in response to an appeal for help on the matter of the FCC Proposed Rulemaking (DOC-353963A1): Dear Ms. Huizenga: Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed rule change for franchise fees. I agree with you and welcome the opportunity to respond. As you may know, […]

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So what else happened in Hartford?

Energy & Technology hearing 02/19/19 This was the hearing that included several bills of interest on the agenda.  Some of us ducked in and out to attend some of the ACM/ACM-NE Road Show happening simultaneously at Hartford Public Access. Because the hearing could not be covered by Connecticut Networks, a video of the entire 4.5 […]

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2019 Connecticut Bills of Interest

Many are coming from community access providers through their local legislators and may affect all PEGs differently, so they do not have universal support from all PEGs in our state (with the possible exception of the PEGPETIA-related bills).  We list everything for information purposes. Bills concerning PEGPETIA HB 5486 AN ACT REPEALING THE TRANSFER FROM THE […]

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PEG support in 2017?

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Since last month, no written exceptions were filed for this docket, so the Final Decision was accepted at PURA’s meeting last week, identical to the Draft Decision.  Raises are all based on the 2016 Consumer Price Index of 1.89%—except for Cablevision/Altice in lower Fairfield County (Area 9, Norwalk area). 170109-052417 At this point there […]

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Reminder: Filing Your Annual Report Is NOW a Compliance Filing not Undocketed.

Instructions for Filing Your Annual Community Access Provider Report Please make a Compliance Filing for Order #1 in Docket 14-01-18.  You will not receive correspondence or a reminder of this filing because it was part of the 2014 Community Support Review Docket and centers and advisory councils must comply with the order. This was done […]

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