2020 Fish Frenzy

Are We Done Yet? When the last application was filed, we found 37 PEG applications (motions) for a total of $4,145,213.65 64 Educational Technology applications for a total of $7,577,141.15 Making a total of 101 applications asking for $11,722,627.80 and only $7,000,000 available.  Find more details here on this Google spreadsheet, based on information posted […]

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2020 Fish Frenzy Update

As of 5pm today, PEGPETIA applications submitted last Friday (the deadline) were posted. # applications 36 PEG $  4,081,135.47 35.79% 60 Ed  $ 7,320,841.76 64.21% 96 total  $11,401,977.23 There are applications from the state Commission on Educational Technology, the State Library, and the CT Educational Network. There’s a second application from the Town of Groton […]

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2020 Fish Frenzy: A Quick Preview

By the afternoon of January 30, the PURA website stopped showing new applications for Docket # 19-11-01 “Public Educational and Governmental Programming and Educational Technology Investment Account Program Pursuant to Public Act 07-253. ” The program was supposed to be open to applications until the end of January 31, but the total dollar amount of […]

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New Faces of 2019

If you want to watch out for your own interests, you have to know with whom you have to deal.  Here are some new names in government agencies that deal with cable and community access TV, as well as broadband internet and Net Neutrality, starting from the top. Federal Communications Commission Geoffrey Starks was appointed […]

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Reminder: Filing Your Annual Report Is NOW a Compliance Filing not Undocketed.

Instructions for Filing Your Annual Community Access Provider Report Please make a Compliance Filing for Order #1 in Docket 14-01-18.  You will not receive correspondence or a reminder of this filing because it was part of the 2014 Community Support Review Docket and centers and advisory councils must comply with the order. This was done […]

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