In case you hadn’t noticed, PURA changed the application form. Find it here. Deadline is February 28, 2023. If you didn’t get your reports and receipts in by Wednesday, February 8, you may not qualify for another grant. Deadline to file online is 4pm–not midnight, not 5pm.

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2020 Fish Frenzy

Are We Done Yet? When the last application was filed, we found 37 PEG applications (motions) for a total of $4,145,213.65 64 Educational Technology applications for a total of $7,577,141.15 Making a total of 101 applications asking for $11,722,627.80 and only $7,000,000 available.  Find more details here on this Google spreadsheet, based on information posted […]

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2020 Fish Frenzy Update

As of 5pm today, PEGPETIA applications submitted last Friday (the deadline) were posted. # applications 36 PEG $  4,081,135.47 35.79% 60 Ed  $ 7,320,841.76 64.21% 96 total  $11,401,977.23 There are applications from the state Commission on Educational Technology, the State Library, and the CT Educational Network. There’s a second application from the Town of Groton […]

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2020 Fish Frenzy: A Quick Preview

By the afternoon of January 30, the PURA website stopped showing new applications for Docket # 19-11-01 “Public Educational and Governmental Programming and Educational Technology Investment Account Program Pursuant to Public Act 07-253. ” The program was supposed to be open to applications until the end of January 31, but the total dollar amount of […]

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PEGPETIA grants round-up

Between February 11 and March 9 this year, PURA receive 11 PEGPETIA applications from community access entities, CAPs, non-CAP town-specific organizations, and nonprofit producers. PURA also received 23 applications from public school districts, independent schools, magnet schools, and nonprofit organizations working with school districts.  All grants awarded to the applicants drew on the $3.5 million […]

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Vote for Simsbury Community TV!

We applaud SCTV for finding a new potential funding source.  They sent a video submission for a Wells Fargo Works Project grant–you can see it & cast a vote through this link. The contest was closed to submissions at the end of June.  The submissions will be judged by preset criteria, but the public is also allowed to vote […]

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And the ACM-NE scholarship winner is…

CONGRATULATIONS TO FRANK FACCHINI! The Northeast Region of the Alliance for Community Media awarded its Grassroots Scholarship for the 2015 national ACM conference to our own Frank Facchini of Southeastern Connecticut Television in Groton, Connecticut’s second-most junior independent community access provider.  ACM-NE received eleven applications from members all over New England and New York state. This financial […]

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