A job posting in Connecticut

The following was sent from the folks at dnr Laboratories in Watertown, who have worked on installation.  Now dnr’s customer needs someone to run the following: We are in the process of finishing a VERY large AV system install in the library that includes a Performing Arts Space, Lecture Forum with large format video wall, […]

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Your Friends Need a Little Help

Item #1:  a part-time position Win-TV is the town-specific Community Access Provider for Windsor, running 3 channels.  They need a Editor/Videographer /Teacher for 20 hours/week starting this April. Full job description and where to send your resume: WINTVVideographerEditor_ad Item #2: some questions about connecting to Frontier TV Newington Community TV (NCTV) is a town-specific non-CAP running 2 […]

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A Letter from Newington

This past fall, the ACM-NE offered us (and other member states) a scholarship to the regional conference on Cape Cod to one person from our state.  Someone absolutely new to us from Newington Community TV put forward an application, so our board recommended Sandra Austin Goldstein for this award.  She recently send in a letter […]

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